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What's in the app?

Here's what we're providing you, all for free:

  • 1000+ treatments for 40+ of the most common problems, visually organized for easy browsing and searching
  • Personal journal to help you document your side effects, progress and overall well-being
  • Treatment organizer to help you remember what you're currently trying, have tried, or want to try

Here's what you can do with Cures:

  • Search, find and bookmark treatments that interest you. Doctors can be limited, but we're ever expanding.
  • Browse community tips, share your own experiences, and learn from the community!
  • Document your mood for the day, track your symptoms, and enter in additional comments for a personal record. (This can come in handy when you visit the doctor!)
  • See your health improve over time! We've created smilies for "good", "great" and "fantastic" for a reason :)

We're constantly iterating to provide you with new features.

Read advice, share tips.

Support the community by sharing your experiences and feedback! Browse through people’s tips, share your own success stories, or upvote other comments that were helpful to you. Not big on sharing? Leave anonymous feedback by hitting the thumbs up or down buttons to say if the treatment worked or not for you!


Track how you are doing.

Take control of your health! Do you feel better after a certain treatment? Document it for yourself or your doctor! Based on what you are tracking, we will populate relevant side effects for you to select. Swipe along the mood bar for different smiley faces!

Journal your progress!

We're here to help you get better, and we want you to see if you’re improving! Scroll through your timeline to view your overall progress, or remember what worked or didn't work for you. Be on top of your health issues because you can — track, treat, triumph.


Now that you know all about the app, why not try it out for yourself?

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